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Many patients usually think about only their teeth when they consider their oral health. However, your teeth are only part of a larger system that allows you to use your mouth for speaking and eating. Your teeth are rooted firmly in your jawbones, which are very strong bones that provide a solid base that allows you to chomp on crunchy food and chew it into manageable pieces. When your jaw is misshapen or misaligned, this can create problems for not only your appearance but your oral function.

Corrective jaw surgery in Norwalk, Connecticut, is also known as orthognathic surgery. This type of surgery is used by our oral surgeon to repair damage, misalignment and other abnormalities in the patient’s upper or lower jaw. With this surgery, Dr. Imanuel Babayev is able to improve your jaw’s function, and he can improve issues with your breathing, occlusion (bite) and chewing, or your speaking that are caused by the alignment of your jaw or teeth.

When you receive corrective jaw surgery, our oral surgeon will perform your procedure in the hospital. You will be under general anesthesia to ensure that the procedure can be performed comfortably and safely. The procedure itself will take two to three hours to complete.

The purpose of corrective jaw surgery is to improve your oral function as well as your appearance so that you can enjoy a better quality of life. Functionally, corrective jaw surgery allows you to perform normal daily actions, such as eating, speaking and yawning, without pain, discomfort or difficulty. It also corrects TMJ disorders, jaw misalignment and breathing problems. While corrective jaw surgery is not typically performed for cosmetic purposes, your appearance can also be altered as the jawbones are corrected to give you a more balanced facial profile. Incisions from the procedure are made inside the mouth inconspicuously for the best appearance and function.

In some cases, corrective jaw surgery can involve other procedures such as osteotomy (bone cutting), bone grafts, distraction osteogenesis (stretching of the bone) and orthodontics. Orthognathic treatments take course in stages, and the whole process can last anywhere from a few months to over a year. To learn more about this treatment option at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Fairfield County, call 203-489-0980 today! We are looking forward to helping you improve your oral health in any way we can.