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Your teeth are designed to come in at a certain time and in a certain way, but sometimes, things do not go according to plan. Many people are aware that wisdom teeth are commonly impacted, or unable to break out of the gumline due to being blocked by other teeth. While wisdom teeth are the most commonly impacted, the canine teeth can also have difficulty getting through the gumline into your smile. As a result of impacted canine teeth, your smile can become misaligned and unevenly spaced. This may also cause other serious issues such as decay since bacteria is more easily trapped around impacted teeth. It is therefore crucial that impacted teeth be addressed as soon as possible.

To prevent or treat these dental issues, Dr. Imanuel Babayev may recommend canine impaction treatment in Norwalk, Connecticut. For more information on impacted teeth or to arrange a visit with our oral surgeon, reach out to us at 203-489-0980 . We look forward to seeing you at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Fairfield County!