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The term “dentoalveolar” refers to the teeth and the alveolar bone that supports the teeth. Surgery involving the dentoalveolar area is the basis of many oral and maxillofacial surgeries. Therefore, these are some of the most common procedures Dr. Imanuel Babayev performs.

Dentoalveolar surgeries vary depending on the needs of the patient and can include many different services from simple extractions to much more complex procedures. Intensive procedures include alveoplasty (recontouring of the alveolar bone), removal of tori, exposure of impacted teeth for orthodontic treatment, extraction of impacted third molars and more.

Often, a combination of procedures, such as extraction, modification to the bone or modification of the gum tissue surrounding the surgical site, are included in a dentoalveolar surgery.

Dentoalveolar surgery in Norwalk, Connecticut, may include a combination of the following:

  • Partial or full tooth extraction
  • Removal of bone material
  • Reshaping of bone material
  • Soft tissue removal
  • Soft tissue repair

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